Interregional and International Cooperation


Interregional and international cooperation constitutes an essential operational segment of the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd. In the course of the past years, IDA established successful cooperation with different domestic and foreign institutions and development agencies, especially in neighbouring Slovenia and Italy, as well as in Austria. A number of significant projects have been realized in the framework of this ongoing cooperation.

During 2006, the projects Otvori eksterni link u drugom prozoruGO NETWORK, Otvori eksterni link u drugom prozoruI-log and Implementation of the European Charter for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Republic of Croatia have been completed. During 2007, the projects Otvori eksterni link u drugom prozoruSLO-HR-RA, PRO.SME,  FISH.LOG and Otvori eksterni link u drugom prozoruCONNECT have been completed, in 2008 CoRIn, REDECON, SLOHRA ZONET, AsviLoc and  Re.Cen.T. and in 2009 MET. R. IS. (INTERREG III A  / PHARE 2006).

The projects in which IDA currently participates are AsviLoc plus (SEE); City_SEC (IEE); METRIS Plus and Adriatic Economic Cluster Club (IPA Crossborder Cooperation Programe); SLOHRA GLOBALNET, INTERINO and MLADIEKOIN (IPA II SLOVENIA - CROATIA 2007-2013) and ReSNet (IPA IV - Youth in the labour market).

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