Enterprise Incubator "Challenge"

Aiming at stimulating small entrepreneurs and guided by the wish to make starting their own businesses easier for them, in 2005 IDA established the Pula-based entrepreneurship incubator "Challenge". In the project framework young, educated persons just starting their businesses are provided with initial business premises and advisory assistance, and they are also given the opportunity to obtain financing through a guarantee fund.

The procedure is conceived in such a manner that newly established companies can apply for subsidized business premises, which they may use from three months to three years. A special advantage is that they must pay no rent in the first three months, during the remaining nine months of the first year they must pay 25%, during the second year 50% and during the third year 75% of the set rent sum.

The contract for the use of business space in the entrepreneurship incubator expires after three years.

In the IDA's entrepreneurship incubator "Challenge" currently there are 9 users:

    • MAMU Ltd from Pulaa
    • eFans Ltd from Kanfanar
    • Rural koncept Ltd from Medulin
    • Burasolar Ltd from Pula
    • Infoprogres Ltd from Pula
    • Ispred2 Ltd from Pula
    • EcoAgroTerra a trade from Ližnjan
    • LANGO a trade from Medulin
    • NATIVA a trade from Medulin

PulaInformation about the Entrepreneurship Incubator "Challenge"

For further information, please contact Mrs. Tamara Kiršić at +385-52-381900, or by e-mail at tamara.kirsic(at)ida.hr. 


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