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Based on a survey of the needs of Istrian entrepreneurs and an analysis of bank loan applications submitted in the course of the realization of existing credit lines, which encompassed over 1,800 entrepreneurial projects, the request for business premises was established as the largest and the most frequent need. According to this result, the guidelines for the development of enterprise zones and industry parks were laid down. Based on the existing space planning documentation, infrastructural equipment and available local work force, 24 strategic zones with priority status were identified. These zones, with a total surface of more than 1,200 hectares, are as follows:

  1. City of Vodnjan, "Galižana Zone"
  2. City of Labin, "Vinež Zone"
  3. City of Novigrad, "Vidal Zone"
  4. Žminj Municipality, "Žminj Zone"
  5. Kaštelir Labinci Municipality, "Labinci Zone"
  6. City of Pazin, "Ciburi Zone"
  7. Svetvinčenat Municipality, "Bibići Zone"
  8. City of Buzet, "Mažinjica"
  9. Lupoglav Municipality, "Lupoglav Zone"
  10. Višnjan Municipality, "Milanezi Zone"
  11. City of Buzet, "Mala Huba Zone"
  12. City of Rovinj, "Gripole Spine Zone"
  13. City of Buje, "Buje Zone"
  14. City of Poreč, "Buići-Žbandaj Zone"
  15. City of Umag, "Ungarija Zone"
  16. Tinjan Municipality, "Butori Zone"
  17. Vrsar Municipality, "Neon Zone"
  18. City of Vodnjan Municipality, "Tison Zone"
  19. Ližnjan Municipality, "Pula Airport Zone"
  20. Raša Municipality, "Raša Zone"
  21. Pićan Municipality, "Potpićan Zone"
  22. Barban Municipality "Barban Zone"
  23. Brtonigla Municipality "Štrpe Zone"
  24. Sv. Nedelja Municipality "Nedešćina Zone"

In this project IDA has the role of coordinator and implementer of the enterprise zones development programme, assembling spatial planning and project documentation for each zone, exploring financing and infrastructural investment options, as well as taking care of marketing and identifying interested entrepreneurs. Since 18 December 2002, when the Assembly of the County of Istria approved the enterprise zones development programme, a total of over 100 million kunas was invested in the development of the zones communal infrastructure.

Enterprise Zones Information

For further information about the enterprise zones, please contact Mr Edo Cetina at +385-52-381900 or by e-mail at Otvara prozor za slanje e-mailaedo.cetina(at)ida.hr

Long-term Programme for the Stimulation of Business Zones Development [PDF 229 KB]

Enterprise zone Galižana


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