Credit Financing

From year to year, as operational body for the implementation of development programmes of the County of Istria, the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd. establishes, stipulates and launches credit lines under significantly more favourable conditions than those prevailing on the market.

Istrian entrepreneurs are thus given the possibility to make use of loans under lower interest rates, lower loan to value of collateral real estate ratios, and lower interest-free amounts deposited in the commercial bank by IDA. Owing to a simplified procedure of obtaining loans, the interest for them has grown among entrepreneurs, which largely made use of them to manage their needs for business premises or to acquire modern machines and equipment. In the course of 2005, another step forward was made by establishing the Istria 21 Guarantee Consortium, offering entrepreneurs an additional mode of financial support.

Concurrently with the creation and the launch of credit lines, IDA worked on the establishment of mechanisms for the monitoring of the development of those entrepreneurs who make use of the County credit lines and of new employment. The entrepreneurs are contacted and visited in the course of the year, and within a year or two of the termination of their credit financing, the state of employment and the fulfilment of their new employment plans is established through direct contact.

Credit Line Information

For further information about available credit lines for the stimulation of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship, please contact Mr. Edo Cetina at +395-52-381900 or by e-mail at edo.cetina(at)

Completed Credit Lines

Since the establishment of IDA, ten credit lines were set up, through which credits totalling 419,3 million kunas have been granted, directly financially supporting 636 enterprise projects.

The following credit lines have been completed successfully in the course of IDA's activities conducted so far:

  • The "02" credit line supported 25 projects by a total amount of 26 milions of kunas
  • Through the first kredit line "Guarantee of Success" within the "Istria 21" Development Consortium, 24 projects were supported by a total amount of 18.7 milions of kunas.
  • Through the credit line for small enterprise in tourism, credits totalling 23.9 million kunas have been realized, financially supporting 22 projects in the County of Istria.
  • Through the Entrepreneur 3% credit line, 117 projects were supported by a total amount of 103.2 milions of kunas.
  • Through the Entrepreneur 2 credit line, which had a total credit potential of 120 million kunas, 132.1 milions of kunas credit funds were realized, directly supporting 226 entrepreneurial projects
  • Through a total of 2.3 million kunas, the Youth and Women credit line, which was aimed at start-up entrepreneurs younger than 30 years of age and women entrepreneurs, 12 entrepreneurial projects were supported.
  • The Entrepreneur credit line, realized fully in the course of 2002, offered 46.1 million kunas credit funds, supporting 85 entrepreneurial projects and resulting in 470 new jobs.
  • In the course of 2001, through the Snowball credit line, over 22.6 million kunas of credit funds were distributed, financially supporting 49 entrepreneurial projects and resulting in the creation of 263 new jobs.
  • The credit financing programme of small and medium-sized enterprises in tourism, primarily focusing on the development of rural tourism, resulted in 31 entrepreneurial projects being offered a total of 6.1 million kunas credit funds, distributed by March 2002.


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