Istria 21 Development Consortium

The Istria 21 Development Consortium is a contractual association of consortium members with no legal personality, bound by a common interest and a common goal - that of raising the level of well-being (standard of living) of Istriran citizens. Founded on 6 December 1999, the Consortium is constituted by the County of Istria and nine Istrian Cities: Buje, Buzet, Labin, Novigrad, Pazin, Poreč, Pula, Rovinj i Umag.

The administrative bodies of the Istria 21 Development Consortium are the Assembly of Consorts and the Executive Committee of Consorts.

Members of the Assembly of Consorts are the President of the County of Istria and the nine Mayors. Each consort has one vote in the Assembly, and the President of the County of Istria also serves as President of the Assembly.

The Assembly of Consorts debates and decides on all issues related to the implementation of the Consortium's stipulated activities and operations, especially those concerning the:

  • definition of the types of projects considered to be of interest to the County of Istria,
  • planning and dynamics of the implementation of the development programmes,
  • modification and amendment of the Consortium standards,
  • fulfilment of the Consorts' assumed obligations regarding their investment of funds and work,
  • increase of the Consortium's capital,
  • appointment of the Consortium's arbitration body,
  • process of defining sanctions and measures to be undertaken in the case of non-fulfilment of Consortium obligations, and the expulsion of consorts from the Consortium,
  • periodic and annual reporting,
  • financial statement of the Consortium, and
  • admission of new consorts.

The Executive Committee of Consorts consists of three members, nominated by the Assembly of Consorts. The County representative also serves as President of the Consortium's Executive Committee, which in turn also forms the IDA Council.

The tasks of the Executive Committee of Consorts are to convene the Assembly of Consorts' meetings, keep the Consortium's business records, and represent the Consortium before third parties.

The decision to establish the Istria 21 Development Consortium was based on the development needs of both the Istrian economy and society at large. The activities undertaken by the County of Istria and the bodies of local self-government so far were channelled through an array of specific projects and measures, which, however, could have had an even stronger effect had they been conducted through a coordinated development policy. The foundation of the Consortium created the preconditions necessary for the establishment of a value system, that will secure the adherence to a minimum set of predefined criteria and standards in the operationalization of development, thus protecting three basic resources: the human, the natural and the produced resources. These criteria and standards will be defined in detail in the underlying document entitled the Istria 21 Code, which will also include and define the elements of the Istrian Quality (IQ) mark, as a sign of a global policy geared towards creating standardized products and services of high quality, involving a favourable enterprise climate and sensitivity to social justice.

As the Consortium is no juristic person, it is neither the operational body responsible for the implementation and execution of the stipulated goals. In addition to defining the consortium standards, one of the main tasks of the Consortium is securing the funds necessary for the establishment of the body which will be entrusted with the implementation of these standards through the execution of development projects and other incentive measures. Thus, with the collected funds the Istrian Development Agency Ltd. was founded, the operational body entrusted with the implementation of the Istria 21 Development Consortium programmes.

The Istria 21 Development Consortium represents the contractual umbrella association of consortium members, while for projects of significance to individual consorts special organizational forms are established on a corporative or contractual basis, which, in addition to the Consortium members, encompass all other subjects participating directly or indirectly in the execution of these projects. In this way, it is possible to form a Consortium for the Development of the Gas Distribution Infrastructure, a Consortium for Golf, etc. Essential for this type of operation is that the consorts commit themselves to supporting, through their own activities and within their possibilities, the execution of individual projects, started by one or more consorts, of significance to the County of Istria. Taking into account that funding has been identified as the single most important and most needed component of economic development support, the Consortium particularly defines the principles of participation in the joint funding and implementation of development projects, as well as in joint efforts of securing the necessary funds. Since the Istria 21 Development Consortium is a contractual association of a non-profit character, any profit that may result from its operation, is fully invested towards the attainment of the Consortium goals.



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