Current Projects


The CITY_SEC  - Regional development and energy agencies supporting muniCIpaliTY_SEC to jointly become active energy actors in Europe project arises from the common need to support the local and regional policy makers in order to adhere to the Covenant of Mayors and achieve its objectives, in particular, in those regions where there are few municipalities as signatories.

City_SEC aims at conducting an energy baseline assessment and developing Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) for 44 municipalities, thus helping them to become Sustainable Energy Communities. The 44 municipalities involved will be supported by the project Consortium to sign up to the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) initiative and to develop actions that will go beyond the 20-20-20 EU energy targets.

The activities are carried out by formalising 6 City_SECs comprising several municipalities as members and each City_SEC sharing a common strategy to reduce the CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency in the region. The consortium will organise training and information activities aimed at raising awareness and building capacity of City_SEC members, in particular of policy makers and civil society, on sustainable energy issues.

City_SEC will also explore the role Regional Development Agencies (RDA) can play to support the Covenant of Mayors initiative by outlining recommendations based on the experiences of the participating 5 RDAs.

AsviLoc +

AsviLoc + grows up of AsviLoc project (ANNP CBC) results and of experience of Regions in the RPIA 2000-06. Acting for innovation systems is a long-term effort supported by successive experimentations. Successful regions commit to long-term policies which put in place the elements which encourage a common vision of innovation as a factor or regional development. RDAs can act as facilitator linking actors that express innovation need, providers of innovation services and institutions charged of the planning the policies to support innovation.

The main objectives of the project are: to contribute building up a transnational innovation system; to enhance RDAs role fostering regional innovation system; to share and to capitalise lessons learnt from the EU RPIAs.

Project activities are: local and transnational networking; setting up of Regional Laboratories that foreseen the sharing of knowledge and expertise among the key innovation actors;implementation of staff exchanges and training package to enhance RDAs staff; carrying out pilot actions to test innovation services on the SMEs and their representatives;integrated planning workshops involving innovation policy makers and innovation key actors; drafting of a memorandum of understanding of the RDAs addressed to the European Policy Makers in charge of shaping policies for the period 2013/2020; drafting of RDAs Innovation Action Plan 2015. Project outputs are: the permanent information sources; pilot innovative services; establishment of transnational and regional networks including coordination mechanism for innovation friendly framework contribution.

Expected results: new ICT tools developed for innovation knowledge management;training tools adopted to improve knowledge management and to increase awareness innovation management process; setting up regional networks for innovation approach and policies;establishment of transnational network including coordination mechanism for innovation friendly framework contribution.


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