Quality Management System at the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd.

The Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd. was the first Croatian regional development agency to have its quality management system certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

The audit was performed by the certification company SGS ICS, which on 22 March 2004 issued a Započni download datotekecertificate on the conformity of IDA's quality management system with the requirements of the aforesaid international standard.

The quality management system was established in order to implement IDA's quality management policy and to ensure that the process of stimulating small and medium-sized enterprises in the County of Istria stays in line with the clients'/entrepreneurs’ demands, as well as with the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Započni download datotekeQuality Policy

The quality management system has the purpose of ensuring the following:

  • the required quality in performing the business activities of stimulating small and medium-sized enterprises in the County of Istria
  • the precise, exact and timely performance of all activities (basic and collateral) pertaining to the stimulation on small and medium-sized enterprises in the County of Istria

Management Representative

The duties, responsibilities and rights of the Management Representative include the:

  • establishment of ways to maintain and improve the quality management system and their adaptation to the needs and activities of IDA Ltd.,
  • testing of the quality management system's efficiency (e.g. the efficiency and usability of documentation systems, etc.),
  • improvement and stimulation of activities which prevent inappropriate action in the course of regular business activities,
  • verification of the implementation of solutions and amendments.

The IDA Ltd. Management has appointed an expert advisor as its Representative, invested with the authority and the responsibility to ensure the proper implementation and maintenance of the quality management system.

The IDA Ltd. Management has entrusted the expert advisor with authority and responsibility required to:

  1. implement and maintain the quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 standard,
  2. report to the Management on the impact of the quality management system, in order to evaluate and perfect the system,
  3. propose and initiate activities aimed at a continuous development of the quality management system.

The Management Representative has the responsibility to:

  • control and ensure the prescribed implementation of all activities comprised by the quality management system,
  • promote an awareness of the clients'/entrepreneurs' demands and the ISO 9001:2000 requirements,
  • report to staff members and inform them about the quality management system's implementation and effects,
  • verify and ensure that all staff members understand the quality management system,
  • analyse and correct the existing state of affairs in collaboration with members of working groups and the Management by conducting an independent internal evaluation of the quality management system,
  • control and ensure the maintenance and documentation of the quality management system.

Information on IDA's Quality Management System

The Management Representative responsible for an effective implementation and maintenance of the quality management system is expert advisor Boris Sabatti. Additional information can be obtained from Mr. Sabatti at +385-52-381900 or by e-mail at Otvara prozor za slanje e-mailaboris.sabatti(at)ida.hr.




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