International Cooperation and EU Projects

Interregional and international cooperation, i.e. the EU projects, have been an essential operational segment of the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd. In the course of the past years, IDA established successful cooperation with different domestic and foreign institutions and development agencies and a number of significant projects have been realized in the framework of this ongoing cooperation. IDA has so far been involved in the implementation of as many as 26 projects, partly financed from EU pre-accession funds. IDA's budget in the realised EU projects and the ones currently being carried out exceeds 3.500.000,00 €.

The greatest project realised by IDA with the help of EU funds is the establishing of the Research Centre for Metal Industry (METRIS) in which 1.500.000,00 € have been invested so far.

Some of the projects to which IDA has participated since 2005 are GO NETWORKI-log and the Implementation of the European Charter for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Republic of Croatia which were concluded in 2006, followed by SLO-HR-RA, PRO.SME, FISH.LOG and CONNECT in 2007, CoRInREDECONAsviLocSLOHRA ZONET and Re.Cen.T. in 2008 and MET.R.IS. (INTERREG III A / PHARE 2006) in 2009 in which IDA was the leading partner. AsviLoc plus (SEE)  ReSNet (IPA component IV - Youth in the labour market) and SLOHRA GLOBALNET (IPA II SLOVENIA - CROATIA 2007-2013) were completed in 2012. In 2013. City_SEC (IEE); INTERINO and MLADIEKOIN (IPA II SLOVENIJA - HRVATSKA 2007.-2013.);  Mode for Success - M4S (IPA component IV) and Adriatic Economic Cluster Club (IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme) were completed.

The projects to which IDA currently participates are METRIS Plus (IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme); ClusterPoliSEE (SEE), RoofofRock, NEXT and SMART INNO (IPA II, Adriatic CBC).