• The Croatian Regional Development Law (OG 153/09, adopted at the 15th session of the Croatian Parliament held on 11 December 2009) which defines the objectives and principles of managing of the regional development in the RC
  • The Strategy of Regional Development of the RC - adopted by the Government of the Republic of Croatia on the 59th session of the Croatian Parliament held on 4 June 2010 -  sets out the objectives and priorities of regional development of the RC the manner of their achievement and the institutional and planning framework of the policy of regional development. The Regional Development Strategies (RDS) will enable the identification and  stimulation of the development potentials of each region.

Subordinate legislation:

1. Ordinance on the mandatory content, methodology of development and manner of evaluation of regional development strategies (OG 53/10);

2. Regulation on the creation and administration of a central electronic database of development projects (OG 66/10);

3. Ordinance on the Register of the administrative bodies of local  and territorial (regional) self-government, agencies and other legal persons established with the aim to efficiently coordinate and promote regional development (OG 53/10);