Content of the RDS

According to the Ordinance on the mandatory content, methodology of development and manner of evaluation of local development strategies (OG 53/10), the contents of the RDS of the Istrian Region will be the following:

1. Introduction
2. Abstract
3. Analysis/evaluation of the situation

3.1 Geographical location and geographical, natural and cultural features
3.2 Population and Human Resources
3.3. Physical Infrastructure
3.4. Environment, environmental protection system and nature protection
3.5. Economy
3.6. Social Activities
3.7. Civil Society
3.8. Institutional framework for the management of development
3.9. Financial resources for development projects and for the operation of the region
3.10. Interregional and International Cooperation
3.11. Development plans, strategic programs, major development projects
3.12. Other areas that the region considers relevant for its development

4. The outcomes of implementation of the previous strategy
5. SWOT Analysis
6. Vision and Strategic Goals
7. Priorities and measures
8. Regional policy addressing  areas of special concern
9. Financial Plan
10. Implementation of the RDS
11. Monitoring and Reporting
12. Appendices

Appendix 1. Results of consultations with the appropriate partnership council during the development of the RDS and the description of how it will also be involved in the monitoring of the implementation

Appendix 2. Report on the previous assessment of the RDS   

Pursuant to the Croatian Regional Development Law (Official Gazette 153/09) and the Ordinance on the mandatory content, methodology of development and manner of evaluation of local development strategies (OG 53/10) an Action Plan for the implementation of the RDS and of the Communication Strategy of the RDS is being drafted.

The action plan for the implementation of the RDS contains a description of the procedures and responsibilities of entities in the implementation of the RDS, the financial resources, timelines and performance indicators.

The content of the Action Plan is as follows:

  • goals
  • planned activities
  • period of implementation of the plan and individual activities
  • implementers of the activities
  • interconnection of activities
  • prioritization of activities
  • implementation costs of individual activities
  • sources of financing activities
  • methods and indicators for monitoring of the achievement of the plan
  • control of the plan's implementation.

The objectives of the communication strategy for the RDS are: to strengthen the ability at the territorial (regional) level and on the level of local self-government for an effective communication necessary for the development and implementation of the RDS, to raise public awareness about the role and importance of the RDS for the development of the regions  and the local self-governments and to inform the public about the possible sources of funding especially about the EU funds intended for regional development. The communication strategy includes objectives, measures, activities, implementers, target groups and a timetable, and can also have an action plan. The Communication Strategy for the RDS is made ​​in accordance with the Communication Strategy of the Policy of Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia and its action plan.