Loan Financing

From year to year, as the operational body for implementation of development programmes of the County of Istria, the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd. establishes, stipulates and launches credit lines under significantly more favourable conditions than those prevailing on the market.

Istrian entrepreneurs are thus given the possibility to make use of loans under lower interest rates than those prevailing on the market and since 2005, with the foundation of the Istria 21 Guarantee Consortium, they were given the possibility to use an additional type of financial support through guarantees.

Since IDA's foundation 12 credit lines were set up, through which credits totalling 459,3 million HRK have been granted, directly financially supporting 675 enterprise projects.

Credit line "Local projects of development of small-size enterprises"

Information about Lines of Credit

For further information about available credit lines for the stimulation of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship, please contact Mr. Edo Cetina at +385-52-381900 or by e-mail at edo.cetina(at)