Education and training for the private sector

Over the past years, small and medium-sized enterprises in the Region of Istria showed an exceptional interest for trainings on topics relevant for their daily business life. Through IDA's work up to now it was concluded that it is precisely this kind of educational activity that is needed and important for the further development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship in our region.

IDA identified the need for such education courses by conducting a survey that showed that 88% of the interviewed entrepreneurs were interested in supplementary training, and has since 2002 been organizing workshops on topics relevant for everyday business life.

The principal goal of these educational activities is to enable entrepreneurs to advance their business practices by adopting new knowledge and skills, to become more competitive and to contribute to the overall development of the Region of Istria.

Education  programmes for entrepreneurs are in compliance with the following points of the Regional Development Strategy 2011 -2013:

  • Strategic Goal 1 Competitive economy,
  • Priority 1.2. Encouraging the development of SMEs,
  • Measure 1.2.2. Education of entrepreneurs to raise competitiveness
  • Strategic Goal 2 Human Resource Development
  • Priority 2.3 Support to sustainable employment and adaptability of workers
  • Measure 2.3.3. Development and establishment of lifelong learning
  • Measure 2.3.4. Gaining knowledge about the EU, the development of human resources for the use of instruments of European policies

Educational programmes are divided into the following groups:

  • Educational program for start-up entrepreneurs: Education of start-up entrepreneurs on how to register a company, write a business plan, basic notions on financial operations, markets, supporting institutions, motivation and communication.
  • Education of entrepreneurs on the rise: on the basis of an analysis of the needs of entrepreneurs topics and specific areas for which entrepreneurs express their interest (marketing, finance, EU projects, etc.) are covered

Since 2011 IDA has been participating in the implementation of the project Improving Business Competitiveness Through eBusiness of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts with special focus on courses about the introduction of e-business in daily operation.

The programmes of education in entrepreneurship, as one of the key segments of IDA's work, have been financially supported since their inception   by the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts.

As a part of anti-recession measures in the Region of Istria all educational courses from 2009 to the present were free for the participants and the organizational and realization costs were borne by IDA in collaboration with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the Region of Istria.

In the period between 2002-2014 IDA conducted 334 seminars for a total of 7.635 participants, either from the public or private sector of craftsmen and small and medium-sized businesses in all cities of the Region of Istria. 

Training Information

For further information please contact Mrs. Ivana Kalac at the telephone number +385-52-381900 or by e-mail at ivana.kalac(at)