Education and training for the public sector

The main goals of the education program for the public sector are to strengthen the human resources of public enterprises and the local self-government in the Region of Istria, to launch research and development in cooperation with the private and public sectors and to achieve a stronger connection between the private and public sectors.

Having in mind the upcoming Croatian membership in the EU next year, emphasis is placed on the preparation and implementation of education programmes aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of employees in public institutions for the preparation and implementation of EU projects.

The goal of these trainings is to familiarise the public sector employees with the entrepreneurship development programme at the national and regional levels and to inform them about the possibilities of utilising of EU funds in the period from 2014 to 2020.

Seminars for the public sector are conducted separately, so that each seminar represents a thematically complete and separate unit, and include topics that improve the knowledge and skills required in the public sector, such as:

  • Development plans
  • Public private partnership
  • How to prepare for domestic and foreign investment
  • EU funds
  • Public procurement
  • Cost-benefit analysis in strategic projects
  • Preparation and implementation of strategic projects

The education courses conducted by IDA are intended for both the management and the staff employed in the public sector. Providing training services to this particular sector will have a direct effect on the performance of local self-government units.

The public sector training program complies with the following points of the Regional Development Strategy 2011 - 2013:

  • Strategic Goal 2 Human Resource Development
  • Priority 2.3 Support to sustainable employment and adaptability of workers
  • Measure 2.3.3. Development and establishment of lifelong learning
  • Measure 2.3.4. Gaining knowledge about the EU, development of human resources for the utilization of instruments of European policies
  • Strategic Goal 3 Protection of natural resources and land management
  • Priority 3.4 Improving the governance of regional development
  • Measure 3.4.1. Strengthening the capacity of regional and local self-government

At least 6 seminars for the public sector will be held during 2013 and the topics will be selected on the basis of an analysis (surveys, etc.) of the needs of the public sector and on the basis of cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds within the sub-programme V. "Enhancing human resources at the local and regional level for and effective preparation and use of EU funds".

In the period between 2002 and 2014 IDA conducted 334 seminars for a total of 7.635 participants, either from the public or private sector of craftsmen and small and medium-sized businesses in all cities of the Region of Istria.

Information about human resources

Person in charge: Ivana Kalac

For information about human resources please call +385 52/381900  or send an e-mail to ivana.kalac(at)