Technology Incubator

The technology incubator acts as a business incubator with more than 500 m2 of office space and helps small businesses in the realization of their entrepreneurial initiatives in the initial stage of growth and development.

The main objective of the project is to upgrade the existing infrastructure for innovative research and development of the economy of the Istrian Region in order to provide quality support to the establishment of small innovative start up businesses around the existing Research Centre for Materials METRIS.

The objectives of technology incubator are:

  • establishing of an incubation center for technologically innovative start-up enterprises
  • establishing mechanisms for improvement of existing technologically innovative enterprises
  • providing of services to entrepreneurs in the incubator in the form of technical and advisory support (consulting, training of employees, marketing, Internet portal) 
  • improving of knowledge transfer from universities to business entities
  • identification of technologically innovative projects and motivating the starting up of the incubation process
  • easier financing through IDA's guarantee fund

The technology incubator consists of 11 modular offices that can be customized to user needs. In addition to the office space the tenants can use the meeting room for meetings and presentations and the IT cabinet.

Information about the incubator:

For more information on the technology incubator please call ++38552/388110 (contact person: Sanja Kantaruti) or send an e-mail to sanja.kantaruti(at)