Organization for the development of RDS

Main Regional Team:

  • Valter Flego,  President of the Region
  • Miodrag Čerina, Vice-President of the Region
  • Valerio Drandić, Head of the Regional Administration of the Region
  • Boris Sabatti, Director of the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd.
  • Marin Grgeta,  Head of the Department for decentralization, local and regional self-government, planning and construction at Region of Istria

Regional Work Group:

  • Heads of the administrative departments of the Region of Istria
  • Vesna Ivančić, Secretary of the Professional Service for Works of the Assembly
  • Ingrid Paljar, Head of the Institute for Physical Planning of the Region of Istria
  • Andrej Pevec, International programme coordinator in the Foundation for partnership and civil society development 
  • Danijela Križman Pavlović, Head of the Department for Economics and Tourism "Dr. Mijo Mirković"
  • Gracijano Prekalj, Director of the Agency for rural development of Istria Ltd. Pazin
  • Mladen Ferenčić, Advisor at the Croatian Chamber of Economy - County Chamber of Pula
  • Arlin Gobo, Coordinator at the  Department of the Croatian Employment Service - Regional office in Pula
  • Valter Poropat, Director of the Istrian Regional Energy Agency Ltd. Labin
  • Siniša Miljević, Director of the Istrian Tourism Development Agency
  • Dario Koraca, Secretary of the Sports Association of the Istrian County
  • Denis Stipanov, Head of the Protection and Rescue Service at the Fire-Fighting Association of the Region of Istria

Coordination of development of the Regional Development Strategy:

Istrian Development Agency Ltd. Pula:

  • Boris Sabatti, director
  • Tamara Kiršić, professional advisor
  • Bojana Bojanić, professional collaborator
  • Ivana Kalac, apprentice