EDIC Pula Pola

At the local level, EU information centres were designed to facilitate citizen communication with the EU and make it highly interactive. The goal is to enable a direct flow of information regarding advantages and opportunities available to citizens of EU member states and determine real and actual needs at the local level. Establishing such information centres is key to developing communication models with the intent of bringing EU closer to local communities and residents of urban areas from the region of Istria. The Town of Pula was a natural choice for setting up ''EUROPE DIRECT Pula Pola'', the headquarters of the Information Centre in Istria. Pula is the biggest Istrian bilingual and multicultural city, and it being a gravitational centre for a large number of Istrian citizens carries an important role in promoting sustainable urban development. Establishing ''EUROPE DIRECT Pula Pola'' (hereinafter: EDIC Pula Pola) was key for establishing everyday communication and enabling easy access to, as well as flow of information.

Duration: 2014 – 2017

Project value: 40.000,00  €

Lead Partner:  The City of Pula

Partners: Istria Region, Istrian Development Agency, Foundation for Partnership and Civil Society 

EDIC office Pula - Pola opened in November 2014. Given that this practice of informing citizens on EU matters has proven successful, the office will continue running Monday to Friday, 9.00 – 13.00 hrs. Moreover, the City of Pula – Pola will put at general disposal its experts from the Department of EU Politics, International Cooperation and Information. In order to create added value, the experts will be active beyond EDIC’s official working hours as well, and their tasks will include planning and improving the operational capacity of the office and establishing connections with other institutions. Employee work schedule will be based on a rotating plan: each employee will be in charge of a particular field on a particular day. If an employee cannot provide an answer to a question or concern because they are not an expert in the field, the user will be given an answer within seven days following the submitted inquiry. Answers will be delivered in written form via e-mail or, at user request, given personally at the EDIC office. Project partners with sector knowledge will continue to take part in the project by being at the service of citizens and providing expert information.

According to the new Regional Development Act, the bilingual and multicultural city of Pula-Pola will from now on be considered a larger urban zone (population: 60 000). This change in status will make Pula rise in importance as it is going to play a significant role in promoting sustainable urban development in similar cities in the Republic of Croatia. Therefore, establishing the Information Centre EDIC Pula-Pola - located in the pedestrian zone of Giardini - in the biggest Istrian city was key precisely because it is the biggest gravitational centre in Istria.