SLOHRA SOCIONET project – “Joint initiative for the development of new employment opportunities with the aid of social entrepreneurship” was approved for financing within cross-border cooperation programme Slovenia –Croatia (ERDF), and more precisely its third call for proposals.

Overall project value amounts to 519.362,93 EUR, whereas 85 % is being funded by ERDF. Budget share for Istrian development agency amounts to 61.584,71 EUR.

Project duration: 02/2015 - 04/2016.

Project partners: Regional Development Centre Koper (lead partner), Istrian Development Agency (IDA), Središče Rotunda Koper, RDA Inner karst region, Development centre Novo mesto, Regional development agency Posavje, Development agency of city of Rijeka (PORIN), Development agency of Karlovac (KARLA).

Specific cross-borders project objectives:

- to implement a cross-border joint system which will strengthen social entrepreneurship, in order to increase the competitiveness of the Slovenian-Croatian's and other EU markets, which will be achieved through the implementation of the following activities:

- implementation of analysis of social entrepreneurship in cross-border regions, including its development potential

- implementation of trainings for potential founders of social enterprises

- implementation of trainings for promoters of social entrepreneurship

- creation of seven new models of social enterprises and creation of at least one social enterprise in cross-border area

- establishment of a supportive environment for social entrepreneurship in the area of cooperation and collaboration among institutions signing a letter for supportive environment in order to promote social entrepreneurship

- establishment of info-points for social entrepreneurship in cross-border area of Slovenia and Croatia