Adriatic Economic Cluster Club

The project Adriatic Economic Cluster Club was approved within the  IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation 2007 - 2013 in December 2010 and the project was officially launched on 1st March 2011.  

The lead partner is Unioncamere del Veneto, and in addition to IDA the following institutions are also partners in the project: Chamber of Commerce - County Chamber of Rijeka and Pula (Croatia), Chamber of Commerce Ancona, Chamber of Commerce Chieti and Chamber of Commerce Campobasso (Italy), Chamber of Commerce Thesporotia (Greece), Chamber of Commerce Belgrade, Chamber of Commerce Leskovac, ALMA MONS Regional Development Agency Novi Sad (Serbia) and the Chamber of Commerce Tirana  (Albania). 

The overall project budget is 2.500.000,00 € and IDA's contribution is 255.688,00 €. 

The project aims to improve the possibility of development of innovations within territorial and productive systems through cross-border cooperation and market research and to strengthen the cluster system within various sectors.  


The activities of IDA within the project are: preparing and implementing the project and establishing of the Centre for transfer of innovations and technologies.