The City_SEC - Regional development and energy agencies supporting muniCIpaliTY_SEC to jointly become active energy actors in Europe project was approved for financing within the programme "Inteligent energy Europe" (IEEby the end of December 2009.

The implementation of the project began on 1st May 2010 and project duration is 30 months. The overall budget is of 1.175.920,00 €, of which the European Union finances 73%. IDA's contribution in the mentioned overall budget is of 126.448,00 €, of which 29.328,00 € are IDA's own funds. 

The project leader is SVIM Sviluppo Marche from Ancona and, in addition to IDA, the following institutions will participate in its implementation: The Polytechnic University of Marche Region (Italy), the Regional Energy Agency of Central Macedonia ANATOLIKI (Greece), the Regional Development Agency Bielsko Biala (Poland), the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (Sweden), the Regional Development Agency of North-Hungary (Hungary) and the Municipality of Turin (Italy).  

The project arises from the common need to support the local and regional policy makers in order to adhere to the Covenant of Mayors - CoM and achieve its objectives. 

City_SEC aims at conducting an energy baseline assessment and developing Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) for the cities and municipalities involved. 

The project will strive to raise the awareness of the municipalities on social and economic advantages of use of renewable energy sources and energy saving measures. The principal goal of the project is a continued promotion of the energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy and the final target is to achieve a reduction of emission of CO2 of 20% by the year 2020 (20-20-20).

The activities of the project imply the further strengthening of the capacities of the 44 municipalities involved, especially those from Eastern Europe which have so far been less involved and less aware about this problem. Through the implementation of the project the municipalities involved should become active European centres of energy and the discrepancy between them and the municipalities already active within the CoM should be diminished. 

The Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd., as one of the project partners, shall be in charge of the coordination of the future regional City_SEC - a consortium of Istrian cities that will include PulaPorečRovinjLabin and Buzet. The activities of the Istrian City_SEC will be aimed at the preparation of cities for the satisfaction of the criteria necessary for the signing of the Covenant of Mayors. The participating Istrian cities will benefit from adhering to the City_SEC project by learning about and preparing for the transit to renewable energy sources and by decreasing the use of conventional energy sources. In accordance with the above, several field trips and promotional events will be held for the purpose of promotion of the project objectives. Namely, IDA is in charge of the work package that includes the activities of the comprehensive promotion of the project, its objectives and results. 

In addition to the mentioned Istrian cities the Istrian Regional Energy Agency (IRENA) Ltd. also participates in the project.