The Project Cross-border Integration of Knowledge, Competencies and Innovation (INTERINO) is co-financed with EU funds within the Operational Programme IPA, component II, Slovenia – Croatia cross-border cooperation. Eight institutions from Slovenia and Croatia participate in the project and the lead partner is UIP -University development centre and university incubator of Primorska Ltd.

The project was launched in April 2012 and it is aimed at potential entrepreneurs with sound business ideas, but with lack of knowledge on how to translate such ideas into business or self-employment, students, researchers, professors that wish to commercialise their research, women entrepreneurs and new knowledge-based companies.

The principal aim of the project is to publicize the entrepreneurial culture to the youths and citizens of the cross-border area. The specific cross-border objective is to upgrade the existing tools and, in coordination with all the partners, to expand the geographical coverage of I&R and scientific institutions and to connect them with businesses in the overall cross-border region.

The principal activities of the partners in the project are:

  • Carrying out of regional competitions for the best business plan
  • Carrying out of one cross-border competition for the selection of the first three regional winners for the best business plan
  • Intensive marketing campaigns to identify entrepreneurial teams that will develop entrepreneurial ideas, promotion of partner organizations and their creation
  • Providing of expert assistance during the development of entrepreneurial ideas and establishing of enterprises (entrepreneurial workshops, counselling, lectures)
  • Active networking, where intense connections between the entrepreneurs and the relevant resource sources (financial, human...) in the cross-border area will be possible
  • Selection and promotion of the best newly established enterprises and their inclusion in the incubating process
  • Cross-border promotion of young innovative enterprises, aimed at their recognition by the potential cross-border partners
  • Study of the de facto situation of the research and development institutions and evaluation of the readiness of the SMEs in the cross-border region for innovation, transfer and use of I&R
  • Promotion of co-operation between SMEs and I&R units through meetings, trainings and creation
  • Establishing of concrete links between offer and demand on the I&R services market and inclusion of councillors that will help in the concrete transfer of I&R to SMEs.
  • Cross-border training - innovation schools in the context of life-long learning for growth and development of SMEs.