The project SLOHRA e-young together in eco-inventiveness (MLADIEKOIN) is implemented under the Operational Programme IPA, component II, Slovenian-Croatian cross-border cooperation. Six development agencies from Slovenia and Croatia participate in the project and the lead partner is the Development Centre Novo Mesto from Novo Mesto.

The project was launched in April 2011 and it is aimed at high school pupils and graduate students interested in entrepreneurship.

The principal goal of the project is to employ the potential of young people in the field of eco-innovations through education and organised entrepreneurial circles with the help of mentors and entrepreneurs.

The specific cross-border objective of the operation was to develop a certain number of ideas in the field of eco-innovation through education and networking of groups of students and entrepreneurs via a web page and project camps.

The principal activities of the partners in the project are:

  • Motivating of high schools and faculties to participate in the project
  • Producing of a manual for high school pupils and university students
  • Producing of a manual for mentors
  • Selection of four groups of pupils and one group of students that will participate in the project
  • Establishing of entrepreneurial circles in schools and at the faculty
  • Selection of three entrepreneurs that will establish a consortium
  • Organization of project camps in Rijeka and Kopar
  • Designing of a project web page and of an internet forum for project participants