The project Promotion of global competitiveness of beginner entrepreneurs (SLOHRA GLOBALNET) was co-financed with EU funds granted within the IPA programme, component II, Slovenian-Croatian cross-border cooperation. Seven development agencies from Slovenia and Croatia participated in the project and the project leading partner was the Regional Development Agency Porin from Rijeka.

SLOHRA GLOBALNET was launched in April 2011and it was intended for entrepreneurs who have been in business for 5 years, businessmen under 35 years of age and women entrepreneurs.

The main goal of the project was to improve the competitiveness of entrepreneurs in the Slovenian-Croatian border areas, to be achieved through the improvement of competitiveness of beginner entrepreneurs.

The specific cross-border objective of the project was the creation and implementation of a mutual cross-border management system and sharing the resources of beginner entrepreneurs in order to increase their global competitiveness in Slovenian, Croatian and other European markets.

The principal activities of the partners in the project are:

  • Motivating of entrepreneurs to participate in the project
  • Canvassing of potential entrepreneurs and interviewing of entrepreneurs showing interest
  • Analysis of the development resources of target group entrepreneurs
  • Developing of a joint analysis of the development resources and potentials of the entrepreneurs in the target group
  • Individual counselling of entrepreneurs on presently available subsidies for entrepreneurs, on the possibility to expand their markets and their export potential
  • Organizing of the seminar "How to become an exporter " in all the partner regions with the following themes: international branding, EU and Croatian standards that must be observed by the exporters, international marketing, concrete steps on how to actually export (methodology of export), how to finance export etc.
  • Organization of entrepreneur meetings and presenting of successful exporters in Karlovac and Koper
  • Development or assistance in the development of concise business plans for entrepreneurs
  • Designing of a catalogue of products/services offered by the entrepreneurs in Croatian, Slovenian and English
  • Promotion of products and services on an international fair
  • Development of a database of contemporary research and innovations in the sectors in which the target entrepreneur group is active
  • Development of a joint export strategy - Economic forum
  • Founding and promotion of an export consortium

Materials developed within the project:

Catalogue of products/services offered by the entrepreneurs participating in the project

Joint export strategy for Croatia and Slovenia

Database of contemporary researches and innovations in the sectors in which the entrepreneurs participating in the project are active