The SLOHRA ZONET project aimed to create a network of enterprise zones in Croatia and Slovenia. The main objectives of the project were: facilitation of access to information and dissemination of information in the Slovenian-Croatian cross-border region; improvement of cooperation between the enterprise zones and the establishment of a joint development network; improvement of the prerequisites for the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises in the cross-border region; raising of the awareness of small and medium-sized enterprises about the possibilities of cross-border business opportunities; promotion of the common economic space and improvement of cross-border economic cooperation.

Specific project goals included the research into networking possibilities among the enterprise zones and other entrepreneurial support institutions; establishment of a structure for the development of an innovative and dynamic cross-border cooperation network; a higher degree of cooperation among enterprise zones; improved quality of supporting services for small and medium-sized enterprises and the promotion of the common economic space.

The SLOHRA ZONET project was part of the SLO-HR-RA project. The functional leader of the project was the Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd. alongside with five other Croatian and Slovenian development agencies that also took part in the project implementation. The project was implemented through five fundamental activities - management, information and promotion, analysis of existing enterprise zones and cooperation with entrepreneurial support institutions, networking of enterprise zones, entrepreneurial support institutions and entrepreneurs in the zone plus an interactive presentation of enterprise zones. The implementation of the project lasted 14 months.