The Integrated Actions for the Cross-border Promotion of Croatian SMEs and Economic Integration with Border Regions of Slovenia and Italy (PRO.SME) project was aimed at the promotion of the small and medium-sized entrepreneurship in the Region of Istria and to create favourable conditions for the strengthening of cross-border cooperation and the attraction of foreign investment. 

The project focused on the operation of an enterprise incubator as a means of supporting start-up entrepreneurial undertakings and included all the supporting services that are offered to start-up entrepreneurs (financial support, training, consulting, etc.). Further, it focused on the development of new vehicles of financial support and making them more readily available to their target beneficiaries i.e. small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and, finally,  on the promotion of the project results through printed media, the development of a new web page and the organization of promotional events, workshops and conferences. 

The project leader was IDA and the funds for its implementation were secured through the CARDS 2003 programme. The project lasted from June 2005 through June 2007.

It was officially completed on 23 June 2007.