The entrepreneurial incubator "Challenge", approximately 450 m2 (10 office rooms of 15 to 25 m2), was equipped in 2005 under the Istrian Development Agency in Pula, 12, Mletačka Street.

Since its establishment, 47 start-up entrepreneurs have been incubated with steady growth rates.

The competition for the use of business premises the incubator is carried out continuously according to the needs. Lease of business premises in PI PIEDM is privileged for beginner entrepreneurs; the first 3 months the space is used totally free, while in the following periods, the lease price is paid depending on the period of use of the business premises.

Goals and Services of the Entrepreneurial Incubator CHALLENGE:

  • encouraging self-employment and facilitating the start-up of own business ventures, regardless of the activity
  • provision of technical and logistical support (equipping and maintaining offices and communal facilities, use of conference rooms)
  • tracking the business success of users and providing free advice with the goal of improving the business results of entrepreneurs
  • free trainings for entrepreneurs
  • making financing easier through targeted lines of credit and non-refundable financial assistance, as well as enabling access to financing mechanisms
  • marketing promotion through web portals, social network accounts of IDA and the media
  • facilitating networking and approach to government institutions.

For more information visit www.inkubator-izazov.com