Research, innovation and development

In the strategic and financial perspective of the European Union in the period ending in 2020, research, development and innovation are among the main priorities for achieving smart and sustainable growth. Additional benefits for Croatia after joining the EU include the use of structural funds, where, for example, only through the Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Program 2014-2020, about 5 billion HRK was secured for strengthening research, technological development and innovation, primarily for domestic companies, scientific organizations and the public sector as support for the development of innovation infrastructure and new products, processes and services.

Based on this,  Istrian Development Agency continuously invests in the development of projects in the field of research and development with an emphasis on the operation through a specially established institution of the Region of Istria, Materials Research Center of the Region of Istria – METRIS and through the Center for the Popularization of Science and Innovation of the Region of Istria.