EU projects

Implementation of EU projects is a crucial field of work for the Istrian Development Agency. Over the years IDA has achieved very good cooperation with various institutions and development agencies in the country and abroad, resulting in 50 significant projects HRK 500 million, HRK 50 million of which has been approved for IDA.

The largest projects of IDA, realized with the help of EU funds, are the establishment of the Research Centre for Metal Industry in Istria County METRIS, a project for the construction of the wholesale fish market in Poreč and the project for the establishment of the Technological Incubator Pula.

Currently, 7 current projects are being implemented, totaling HRK 107 million, HRK 8 million of has been granted to IDA. Projects are being implemented within the Italy-Croatia cross-border programs Mediteran and Adrion, as well as ESI funds.

Planning for several strategic projects is underway within the scope of cross-border cooperation programs, as well as the Coworking pula project to be financed as part of the ITU mechanism of the Pula urban area.