Strategic planning

For years, the Istrian Development Agency has been implementing strategic planning activities as the basis of sustainable socio-economic development of Istria County, spurring faster growth and development.

Key performance results include consulting in the preparation of overarching strategic documents and the preparation and implementation of projects of strategic interest to the Istria County.

IDA has coordinated the preparation of the first Regional Operational Program of the Istria County for the 2006-2010 period and the elaboration of subsequent county development strategies, including the current one in force until end-2020.

It also developed the Pula 2020Urban Development Strategy, which is a key basis for the withdrawal of decentralized EU funds through the ITU mechanism for the Pula urban area (Integrated Territorial Investments). Long-term vision sees the Istria County as an autonomous, modern, open and economically competitive region of recognizable cultural and natural heritage, of high quality of life within a balanced and sustainable development, using the most developed regions of the EU as a relevant benchmark.

To achieve this, the focus has been put on:

  • investing in the economy with an emphasis on digital transformation, innovation and the application of new technologies;
  • investing in human resources in line with trends and labor market needs, with an emphasis on STEM education, medical studies, specialized education in the field of tourism and hospitality (competence centers, development of new skills), modernization of vocational education, popularization of science and innovation among younger generations; targeted migration management with the purpose of employment; attracting targeted workforce;
  • strengthening infrastructure, environmental protection and sustainable space and resources management; efficient administration and management of regional development (financial and administrative decentralization and preservation of regional specificities), security and stability;
  • development, preservation and promotion of Istrian identity, closely linked to the valorization and protection of cultural heritage, ecological food production, related certification and protection of origin, and branding of the county through the quality mark (IQ - Istrian Quality); emphasis on quality and creation of a 'bioregion', as well as smart management and quality of life.