Industry clusters

In the past years the Istrian Development Agency invested much time and effort in the detection of possible ways to stimulate the growth and competitiveness of local industries. In 2007 the "Intersectorial Analysis of the economy in the County of Istria" was made with the aim to gain a better understanding of the situation in this. This document significantly helped IDA in the creation of a quality assessment of the production sector and helped IDA to understand the challenges faced by this sector.  The document constituted a good basis for the decision about the ways in which the production sector should be best supported and about the actions that should be taken on the local, regional and national levels. This provided the basic setting and created a solid platform for a successful linking of the Istrian enterprises in specific branches of economy and the formation of clusters in the County of Istria. The main goal of the formation of clusters in the County of Istria is to increase the  competitiveness of small and medium sized enterprises and of the economy of the County of Istria in general. The formation and establishment of a cluster requires comprehensive activities and the inclusion of almost all the participants who can someway contribute to the cluster's success, from the very promotion of the idea to the point where the cluster becomes operational.

The formation of a cluster in the County of Istria represents a joint initiative of the public, private and development-research and science sector, i.e. of  a whole array of companies that can be linked together in a technological process, but also of a series of institutions, different levels of administration, scientific and other institutions which can in one way or another contribute to the establishment of the cluster. Clusters have become a commonly accepted component of national and regional development planning, thus the need to understand a successful cluster formation initiative has become a basic prerequisite for the implementation of such a project. Until now IDA actively participated in the formation and the activities of the following clusters: